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Best cordless vacuum cleaner

If you are thinking about cutting of the wires of your best vacuum cleaner then this review article will keep you on track of getting ideas about which should be best for you. After tasting a number of cordless vacuum cleaners found that Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner is the best. Quality and durability is our main focus to pick these item. It comes at an affordable price 90% of people love the product for the handy usage process of the product. But for your better observation, I am writing about five favorites after all the depth tests.

Dyson V8

Deik v2

Hoover Linx

Top rated Vacuum cleaner

1stDyson V840 min of powerful suction, Cord-free
5.7 lbs9.9Check price
2ndDeik v2Rechargeable Lithium Ion, 4.5KPA suction, 30  min6.2 lbs9.8Check price
3rdHoover LinxMulti-Floor Cleaning, Lithium-Ion Battery10 lbs9.7Check price

Vacuum cleaner one of the essential home appliances. It helps to keep the home clean and lets you be in such a healthy environment. It uses an air pump that acts as suction and creates an inequitable vacuum that sucks up all the dust and dirt. Most of the vacuum cleaners are corded that you need to plug in with the electric connection and then use it to clean. It might create some problems in time because it is a bit hustle to keep the machine near to the electric connection or else you cannot clean your home in a proper manner. So, you may feel the importance of having a cordless vacuum. The cordless vacuum will set you free from the constant plugging and unplug and can move it wherever you want to clean.

Cordless Vacuums are must need for home or office appliances to make a clean environment. So, before you make a purchase for your home or office, you have to make sure about the functional categories and the safety measures for sure. Nonetheless, you must get surety about buying which one will be worth for you and which one is not. So this article will be helpful for you in this case.

Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner reviews

Dyson V8 Vacuum cleanerDyson V8 appears to be in the top of the list of best cordless vacuum. It has made with 150% more brush power than others. It has two cleaner heads gives you enhanced the cleaning process. The vacuum comes with extra tools and the machine consists of HEPA filtration process takes up all the allergens and expands the clean air to breathe. It is absolutely cord-free and therefore, hustles free too with the powerful suction which can make your home clean in just 40 minutes. In maximum power mode, it will take only 7 minutes for more difficult tasks to perform with the higher suction mode. Triggers can release instantly. The power of the battery used for the cleaning process. The battery gets its power from Dyson digital motor V8 directly drives the cleaner heads to drive the bristles deeper into the carpets to remove all the dirt out. The soft roller cleaners, hygienic dirt ejector, and stiff nylon bristles remove pet hairs, grown dirt and even bigger rubbles and dust together and have invented for hard floors. The mini-motor tool can do tougher tasks in tight spaces like furniture, car seats etc. It can easily convert into a handheld for a fast clean UPS or any difficult spot cleaning. Dyson is without any doubt the best cordless vacuum as it has made the highest numerical score in Vacuum Satisfaction Study in 2017. So this can be your best purchase of your home and office appliance.

  • Powerful suction up to 40 minutes in 4 hours charge prior to use
  • Maximum 25 minutes works as motorized floor tool attached
  • Instant trigger release
  • Battery power can be used only for cleaning process
  • HEPA filtration captures allergens and ejects fresh air
  • It turns into most powerful cordless vacuum just by getting powered by Dyson digital motor V8.
  • 150% more brush bar power directly drives into cleaner head bristles
  • Lasts for 25 minutes in low suction force
  • Runs out of power so fast
  • Battery does not last for longer period of time
  • Plastic gear strip in the power head
  • Poor customer service


Deik v2 Vacuum Cleaner reviews

Deik v2 Vacuum Cleaner reviewsDeik v2 Vacuum Cleaner is in the second rank in the review list of best cordless vacuum. It has been designed for the multi-functional usage of 2-in-1 usage. The motorized cleaning head has dual speed suction modes lets you lift easily and remove all the debris even hair in just 30 minutes on a single charge. The vacuum cleaner is perfect to sweep the floor, with the handheld device, you can also clean specks of dust crumbs from furniture, shelves, and stairs. 110W power gives a deep thorough cleaning benefit with no compromise on the maneuverability. You can use it to clean sofas, hard floor, carpet, beds etc. The vacuum comes with a complete package consists an upholstery brush and a split tool.

  • Gives freedom to clean everywhere without any reaching restriction with the 2-in-1 cordless vacuum
  • Powerful suction lets to clean up to 30 minutes
  • Adjustable suction speed saves energy
  • Premium design allows cleaning every corner of the house with the swivel head
  • Removable duster container can simply detach and empty the contents straight to the bin
  • It provides 15 months worry-free warranty
  • Very low suction power
  • Flimsy construction
  • Not good for pet hair


Hoover Linx Vacuum Cleaner reviews

Hoover Linx Vacuum Cleaner reviewsNext, we have sorted Hoover Linx to be in the third. It provides powerful performance and lets you have a hustle free experience. It comes with a  brush roll (multi-floor) that works very smoothly. The low design of this cordless vacuum has made in such a way that it can clean every nooks and corner effortlessly. It is lightweight that can get around every furniture easily. It is structured with 18-volt lithium ion battery that holds the power while using. It has functioned with the faster charging time that impressively charges in just three hours. You can easily clean both on hard floors and carpets.


  • Lithium-Ion Battery System
  • Multi-floor electronic brush roll works perfectly in rugs and any kind of floors
  • It is lightweight to use as cordless
  • Cordless stick and hand vacuum gives great cleaning performance with versatility
  • Battery charges in only three hours


  • Battery charge does not last longer
  • Not good enough for cleaning hair

Dyson V6 Vacuum Cleaner reviews

Dyson V6 Vacuum Cleaner reviewsDyson V6 comes fourth on the list of the best cordless vacuum floor to ceiling. It allows lifting it off and removing the dirt whenever it appears. It is an animal cordless vacuum that has the largely cleaning performance that can even beat the full sized corded version. Compared to the current market, it is the most versatile vacuum. You can also detach the wand and make it into a handheld for cleaning. The stiff nylon bristles enhance to remove pet hair and remove any dirt from furniture, car seats even if space is not ample. It has an easy application process that the trigger releases instantly and Dyson tools fit directly to the machine as well. The vacuum uses all the battery power for cleaning and gives service at most 20 minutes. It gives the highest performance on average geometric pickup; dust loaded, and combined results in the hard floor and on rugs. The direct-drive cleaner head comes with 75% more power on the rugs. Extra Dyson tool has made up for the homes with pets. The centre of gravity on the grip lets you hold it easily; the lighter weight helps to clean up top, down, below and in-between.


  • Consists of 150% more brush bar power
  • It is fully cordless therefore it is absolutely hustling free
  • The battery power is only used for cleaning purpose
  • After one charge it can serve you for 20 minutes
  • Can release the trigger in a moment
  • It has mini motorized tool to get off hairs or ground-in dirt


  • Terrible battery life
  • Poor quality and customer service
  • It has flaws in the design
  • Low suction power is not able to suck any hair


Deik V1 Vacuum Cleaner reviews

Deik V1 Vacuum CleanerThe list of best cordless vacuum ends with Deik V1 vacuum cleaner. Compared to other full sized products, it has greater performance being a cordless vacuum. The power can be adjusted that makes it easier while cleaning. It has multi-floor cleaning performance that lets you use it by moving room to room and cleaning both hard floors and carpets with a touch of a button. It has ultra-light that can easy quickly at high and low ease. It can even move towards the tight turns and breeze of furniture. Even if the optional trigger gets locked, it enables to clean the larger areas.


  • It is very lightweight to carry and flexible to use
  • Provides deep, thoroughly clean with 7Kpa power
  • 2-in-1 versatile easily switch handheld just in a touch with a button
  • Multi-floor capabilities allows transmitting power from hard floor to carpets
  • HEPA and sponge filtration system to lock in small particles
  • Prevents from spreading allergies and bacteria
  • Comes with 12 months of worry-free warranty and extra roller brush replacement benefits


  • Puts scratches in hardwood floor
  • Makes noise while cleaning rugs
  • Breaks down too fast
  • Suction quality is very low

Final word

From all the described reviews, my verdict goes for Dyson V8 as the best cordless vacuum. Because it is more durable and gives good service for floor and carpets. The design has made so perfectly that it can move in every corner and can be used in ceiling, floor, furniture and inside the car as well. All these reviews have been made upon my personal experience. So I would like to suggest visiting the nearest store and giving a trial before you make a purchase for your own. Though I would like to highly recommend you to buy Dyson V8 rest is up to your choice.

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