Best Digital Luggage Scale

Digital Luggage ScaleA number of luggage scale companies are out there who are selling digital luggage scale. We can understand that it is little difficult for you to know which one can be good not only in quality but also in service and keeps focus on showing the exact result. Therefore we have done plenty of research and came to the point that, MagicPro can be the best digital luggage scale for several reasons. Expert team measure about product quality, customers positive feedback. Other than that we also have researched on a number of scales. Among them, we have picked up top five best digital luggage scales and below we have given descriptions of those so that you can a clear idea and take decision which one you should have for yourself.




Top Rated Digital Luggage Scale

1stMagicPro Luggage ScaleMax 100 lbs, LCD display
10.6 oun.9.9Check price
2ndCamry Luggage ScaleBlue backlit LCD, max 110 lbs0.8 oun.9.8Check price
3rdDr.meter ScaleMax 100 lbs, LCD, 1x 3V battery4.8 oun.9.7Check price

Luggage scales are essential for travelers. Check top rated digital luggage scale reviews to pick your item. It helps to measure how much weights have you carried in your luggage for traveling on a flight. It is very important to know because there is a specific amount of weights for every passenger to carry. If someone puts more than the specified weight, you might have to leave them in the airport or you may need to pay for those overweight products. So before starting from your home you must measure your luggage weight and to measure the weight, luggage scale is a must. Hence, digital luggage plays a vital role. All you need to do is to hang the luggage with the belt or chain of the luggage handle and the scale will show the result of the weight automatically. So if you want a hassle free traveling experience, you need a digital luggage scale.

The best digital luggage scale allows hassle free travel while visiting airport for traveling through airways. It gets used like alert for keeping weight minimal to the specified weight by the airways. But it also can be used for any occasion to measure weight of luggage. The use of the scale is also very easy and ensures you the exact number and you also can measure your suitcase, purse and backpacks.

MagicPro Luggage Scalebest luggage scale reviews

MagicPro Luggage ScaleAt the top of this reviewing list, MagicPro appears to be the first because of it customers positive reviews and quality. To find best digital luggage scale you can check different review, after than you will also find it is best item. This scale makes you certain so that you never have to face any ugly experience in airport during your travel as it shows the accurate measure of the weight of bags and other luggage. The digital scale handheld is able to compute the weight up to 110 pounds which is approximately 50kgs. All you need is to fastener; the scale will automatically display the result on the LCD screen within few seconds and will auto off when you remove the luggage from the hanger. This helps to save battery, time and energy. The scale itself is very light that you can carry it with you and it will fit in anywhere you want this to be fit. This best digital luggage scale has been built with rubber paint technology which utilizes textured grip on hand. Customers whoever has owned this scale so far, are very satisfied with their purchase of this digital scale.






  • Auto on and off technology saves battery life, time and energy
  • Able to take 50kgs or 110 pounds
  • Portable can be fit anywhere and can be carried easily
  • The digital LCD display shows accurate result and also indicates low battery and overweight
  • Constructed with rubber paint technology to built to stand
  • Takes time to show result
  • Among 2 units, only one works at a time
  • Difficulty of getting started and doing reset


Camry Luggage ScaleElectronic luggage scale reviews

best luggage scaleThe second item on the list of best electronic luggage scale comes with Camry. In case of products unavailability or out of stock of previous item, easily you can pick this one. It is also very good quality item as like previous one. This scale helps you to avoid any backward situation while checking in. It is able to take 110 pounds or approximately 50 kgs of weight. The company believes in easy travel without any bothering of repacking of overweight baggage in airport. The key feature of the scale is, it come with a large blue backlit LCD display which gives you a prospect even in low light. The measurement will get locked while the scale stabilizes. The operations are accompanied by a beep signal which gives you a reminder as well. It works in two steps of auto shut off back-light in 30 seconds and the scale becomes shut down after 60 seconds of inactivity. The strap and clip design of the scale fits for any type of luggage handle and remains an easy balance when taking weight. Purchasers are happy with their purchase of this digital scale.






  • It is able to carry around 110 pounds or 50 kgs
  • Large blue backlit LCD display shows the measuring result
  • Auto data lock function
  • Operation works with 2 button
  • Indicates if overloads or for low battery
  • Sometimes get stuck
  • Not worth for use over a year
  • It may not give accurate measurement always
  • May create problems in functioning

Dr.meter Luggage ScalePortable luggage scale

Dr.meter Luggage ScaleOne of the best digital luggage scale that comes up on third in the list is Dr.meter. Their tagline says a lot about their product, “Ultimate Measure of Accuracy”. If you are planning to go for travel, this digital luggage scale must be helpful for you for getting accurate readings of your luggage. The range of the reading of this scale is as low as 10 grams to 50kgs or 110 pounds. Dr.meter is functioned with tare function and data lock system has been inserted which works by the ease of fingerprint. The auto off function can be helpful to save battery life. . Lithium battery also inserted inside.  A temperature sensor system is also available in this measurement scale. The LCD display provides easy reading and gives indication for low battery or overload. It is durable for long term usage and also stands still during the time of travel. Portable luggage scale is easy to keep anywhere you want that you can keep it in your baggage and travel with the scale and measure whenever you think you need.






  • Capacity of taking 50kgs of load
  • Displays room temperature
  • Comes with low battery and overload indication
  • Built in lithium battery
  • Tare and auto off functions works by the ease of fingerprints
  • Rubber paint technology helps to grip on the scale
  • Not accurate sometimes and does not give specific weight
  • Malfunction in switching off
  • May give error messages after some uses


EtekcityBest luggage weighing scale

portable luggage scaleEtekcity is the fourth best digital luggage scale appears on the list. This scale has been designed to save your stress and money while traveling by air. It has capacity to take weight maximum 110 pounds or 50kgs. No other setup is needed to check the weight of the bag or luggage. Just hook your bag onto the durable steel hook, the sale will automatically show you the result by the help of a clear and readable LCD screen instantly at anytime and anyplace. It has specialty of converting pounds to kilograms for easy calculation. Tare and auto off button helps to keep the scale run smoothly. When done with measuring the bags and luggage, you can put this in a corner of the bag as it is very light in weight and will not put any extra weight on it. The scale has been prepared for passionate travelers that are why it has been constructed simple, lightweight and portable so that travelers can carry the scale with them anywhere they want. No matter you start from home or from office, this scale is needed. It is a must have in your happy journey for any tours.

  • Able to measure 110 pounds or 50 kgs
  • Shows high accuracy reading for hefty weights
  • Automatic controlling functions preserves energy & time
  • Portable and easy to store in home and suitcase
  • Rubber paint technology used for textured grip
  • Clear and readable digital LCD display
  • Provides battery and indications
  • It comes with one years of warranty
  • It breaks after a few uses
  • May not show the accurate result
  • System malfunctions after some exercise

Travel Inspirahandheld luggage scale

luggage scaleFifth one the list of best digital luggage scale, we have Travel Inspira. This scale is present to save you from any unexpected overweight situation with your bags and luggage. The LCD cool back-light display gives and easy to read the reading of measurement in any light. It is able to measure up to 50kgs or 110 pounds and can calculate weight in both. The data lock function enables you to lock the readout after weighing stabilization which leads you to easy, accurate and efficient result to get perfect luggage weight. The scale also comes with a built in thermometer that helps you to know the exact temperature of any place you stay while traveling. The rubber paint technology also helps you from uncomfortable handgrips while taking weight for your heavy stuffed bags. The tare feature measures the weight of different individual objects at a stretch. You just have to press the tare button and take the reading of measurement. The clip design is also a good fit for any shape of luggage and easy balance. It has auto off technology in after 60 seconds of inactivity and saves battery life. It gives clear indication of low battery and overload for proper usage. The portable quality of the scale makes its user to take it anywhere traveling as it is a very light in weight and takes a very little space in bags or luggage.


  • It has capacity for taking weight of 110 pounds or 50 kgs
  • Rubber paint handle gives you comfort to grip when taking the reading of luggage weight
  • It comes with a cool back-lit LCD display that enables you to read in dim light
  • Tare function lets you to reset the scale to zero
  • Data lock function activated
  • Automatic  battery energy controlling
  • This product approves two years warranty
  • Low battery life
  • Sometimes you may need to put out battery to switch off the scale
  • After few use it stops giving accurate reading
  • Works well with lighter items
  • Spins while lifting baggage to measure

Final word

After all the reviews it can be said that MagicPro is the best digital luggage scale that you can use for knowing how much does your luggage weight before you leave for your journey by air. Carrying an over-weighed luggage can cost you money and a number of hassles if you do not want to pay extra money, you may need to leave them behind in the airport. This scale helps to let you know the reading of your luggage, purse, bag, backpack or anything you are carrying with yourself in your travel. So you cannot think of any alternate but this scale if you are a travel freak. Moreover it is portable that you can keep this in your baggage while traveling. From all the researchers we have made for searching the best luggage scale, we came up in conclusion that it must be MagicPro. But if you want you may pay a visit to your nearer stores before purchasing one so that you can be relaxed about which one you should have for yourself.

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