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Best Hedge TrimmerAmong a lot of varieties of trimmers, picking up the one best hedge trimmer is not an easy task. Therefore, our expert team checked a number of item and found out that DEWALT DCHT820P1 is best hedge trimmer. The 20V battery gives it more power stability to work for a longer period of time. Maximum people, who owned this product, loved it and rated it to be the best one. From the whole article, you will get some ideas and clues about owning the the best hedge trimmer and can make your firm or garden look more attractive. Here are the sorted top rated 5 best hedge trimmers details described.


Makita XHU02M1


Top rated 5 Hedge Trimmer reviews

1stDEWALT DCHT820P120V Battery, 22″ laser cut11.5 lbs9.9Check price
2ndMakita XHU02M118V , 4.0Ah Battery, 22″ blade12.5 lbs9.8Check price
3rdBLACK+DECKER LHT360CFF60V Max, 24” blade, 1 1/2 in. thick8.4 lbs9.7Check price


Hedge trimmers can be both electronic and manual kind of a saw. It is one kind of gardening tool or machine that is mostly used for trimming hedges like cutting or punning. Hedge trimmer can be manual or powered, divisions. Power source of hedge trimmers can be run with human power, gasoline or electricity. Motorized hedge trimmers allow to function faster with less efforts than the manually used trimmers. These powered use trimmers are generally designed with safety measures so that it can work only when the operators wants to use it by putting hands on the handle. Gasoline powered trimmers are more powerful but weights heavy and harder to handle. But electrical hedge trimmers are not as heavy as the gasoline one and a little bit less powerful and a bit noisy that might be irritating as well.

The hedge trimmers allow easy trimming of some plant and food crops. So it is a very important tool for whoever likes to do farming or gardening. It is not only a crop or plant cutting tool but also it is a tool that beautifies plants to the viewers. It can be used for shaping the tree in a certain way. By the help of all the blades, it is easier to do this. Check our top rated hedge trimmers to pick your targeted item.


DEWALT DCHT820P1Best electric hedge trimmer

Hedge Trimmer reviewsOur expert team checked about these top 5 rated  hedge trimmer about their quality, customers reviews and feedback, it is best hedge trimmer, DEWALT DCHT820P1 appears in the top of the list. The item is not so much heavy in weight. Only 11.5 pounds weight it appears with and makes easier to hold. The manufacturing company DEWALT is offering the trimmer with a higher output motor and a laser cut. The steel blades are designed by maximizing maneuverability that minimizes stress on the arm. The steel blades are handed for and engineered for cleaner and faster cuts on branches with 22 inches of blade length that is able to cut for 3 to 4 inches of depth. The trimmer is made of 5.0AH lithium Ion battery which is also a part of 20V max system of tools.






  • Consists with high power motor
  • It is hooked with 22 inches of laser blade design for longer reach
  • 5.0 AH lithium battery has been placed inside of the hammer
  • The trimmer is designed for compact and lightweight
  • 20V of max system tools are parted in it
  • The blades are made of steel
  • Gives you faster and cleaner cuts
  • Trimmer needs to buy additional battery and charger
  • Battery does not remains fully charged for a longer time


Makita XHU02M1Best cordless hedge trimmer

Makita XHU02M1Second on the list, Makita XHU02M1 18V appears due to its better quality.This is best cordless hedge trimmer for your personal use. It is a bit heavier than the first one but still works as good as that. The 18V 4.0AH lithium Ion Hedge Trimmer has an expanding line that creates lower noise, less maintenance & zero emissions. The manufacturer company Makita built motor delivers 1350 SPM which comes with 22 inches of blade that enhances the cutting capacity. It can run maximum 120 minutes only in low settings and the cordless technology also ensures 25% quieter than other cordless hedge trimmers. The fastest charging time makes the trimmer work more and sitting on the charger less. For improved performance ad extended battery life of the hedge trimmer, Makita has made a Star Protection Computer Controls which hold only in their copyright over it, that confirms you the security equipped tool and battery exchange data. The system also monitors the conditions during use to protect against overloading, over discharging ad overheating as well.






  • 120 minutes of running time in lower speed
  • Ensures 25% quieterin terms of making noise
  • 22 inches of blade enhances the capacity to cutting plants
  • The battery capacity warning system of the motor also stops and light goes on indicating the battery if needs to recharge
  • The two handed operation of the motor activates only when the switches are engaged at the top
  • The electric blades is used for increasing productivity
  • Rapid optimum charger comes with a built in fan inside that cools the battery faster
  • It sometimes refuses to cut through big branches of trees
  • Gets jammed while cutting through thicker branches
  • Not good for the brunches which are older
  • Little bit slower than usual hedge trimmers


BLACK DECKER LHT360CFFBLACK+DECKER LHT360CFF appears third in the list of best hedge trimmer. It is less heavy than the other described two of the trimmers which makes easier to handle while working with it. The trimmer comes with 60V maximum voltage and cordless that powers through the trimmer by emitting jams. The push button works throughout the jams and it has designed in such a way that gives comfort and control during cutting and punning. The trademarked feature of Black+Decker, “Powercut” lets power to move through jams with a push of a button. The 24 inches of blade cleans shrubs and branches up to 1.5 inch thick and leaves no extension cord while getting into its way. The 24 inches dual action blade provides you comfort by reducing vibration and gives you make longer your reach to the harder branches.  The hedge trimmer has been engineered in such a way that gives you a softer grip zone and freedom of movement. It also can shows battery charge with a state of charge indicator  and it indicates you about power consumption with the power you left in the trimmer.






  • It is comparatively light weight
  • The “Powercut” feature makes the power to move through jams with just a push of button
  • The saw blade is able to cut through 1.5 inches thick with 24 inches of length
  • The indicator named State of Charger shows the battery charge level
  • Battery life is excellent
  • The saw blade does not work properly
  • Does not matches with the gas models of hedge trimmer

Makita UH6570

Makita UH6570 reviewsNext is Makita UH6570 in the fourth position f the best hedge trimmer. It is also light weight and well balanced trimmer. This electric hedge trimmer combines the commercial duty power with the ease of use for enhanced performance in a range of function. The 4.6AMP motor is able to deliver 1,600 SPM faster trimming. It has been engineered in such a technique that keeps not as much vibration and also low amount of sound. This hedge trimmer has 25.5 inches of blade length that can be half inches of extended efficiency. The two hands of operation switches have been engineered so that the motor can be capable to runs only when the grips are held with both hands. Other ease of use characteristics includes a larger transparent hand guard for better view of work area. It is a fine bonding to increase comfort.


  • Two hand operation switch makes the motor run when grips are hold through both hands
  • The transparent and larger hand guard makes a good view in working area
  • Lower vibration and lower noise level
  • Built in clutch reduces gear damages
  • The blade tip guard protects the blade from unnecessary wear
  • Comfortable front grip has been designed for balancing and versatility
  • The belt cord does not makes a strong grip on it
  • For some people it can appear to be a little heavy
  • It might be little pricy for some of the purchaser



BLACK DECKER LHT2436 reviewsAt last but not the least the best hedge hammer appears in the fifth of the list is BLACK+DECKER LHT2436. A lot of hedge trimmer can make a lot of things but this hedge hammer will make your life much easier. The lighter weight of the item makes it more users friendly. By giving a single charge you can use it for longer time by the 40V max system of the trimmer. Tackle tough trimming jobs with a battery powered hedge trimmer also makes your gives gears to your job to finish it faster by the help of 24 inches action blades. The trademarked “Powerdrive” transmission system of Black+Decker allows you to cut off branches up to 3 to 4 inches wider. It also appears with “State of Charge Indicator” to show the battery charge level.

  • 40V lithium Ion battery delivers powers the run time to complete the toughest job too
  • 3 to 4 inches of cutting capacity that trims more in lesser time
  • It wrap around, it provides comfort and control front handle
  • It control in the horizontal & vertical trimming application
  • The blade is 24 inches long and lets to cut the branches faster with less vibration
  • Battery charge level can be shown by the help of state of charge indicator
  • Soft grip handle adds comfort while using
  • Full length trigger
  • Fails to hold the charge for long time
  • After a year of using some technical issues may appear
  • It may smell like smoke or burn down and smoke may appear
  • Some people might find this broken after 2 or 3 uses

Final word

At the ending of the review it can be verdict that DEWALT DCHT820P1 is one of the best hedge trimmers that should be used for your lawn garden or in the firming land for crops. By the help of the trimmer you can cut off all those branches of little plants and crops that are needed to be cut off so that all the plants can grow in similar direction and length. The shape allows the sunlight to get inside the bottom of the plants to maintain healthy growth of roots and stems. For this job, trimmers do not have any other alternatives. This hedge cutting job can be done hassle free by the help of the best hedge trimmer DEWALT DCHT820P1. From all the reviews and opinions over hedge trimmers, on my personal experience, DEWALT DCHT820P1 it is a great tool for their user without any doubt and can able to use for years with less tension. You can also give a trial for finding the best hedge trimmer if you want from nearer showrooms of you and can make it a purchase.

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