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Best Hoverboard reviewsAfter researching a lot of best hoverboard reviews, our expert team find out that the best hoverboard can be Official Halo Roveris based on its product quality and customers positive feedback. While purchasing self balancing scooters, you need to know about how long it will lasts, about the safety measures and also need to know about the appropriate age group to use it. In this review article, I will be trying to give you proper ideas regarding all these queries which can be helpful to make your mind for which one you want to have. Here is the sorted top rated five self balancing scooters.

Halo Roverboard

TOMOLOO Hoverboard

MegaWheels hoverboard

5 Top rated Hoverboards

1stHalo RoverboardBLUETOOTH & MOBILE APP32 lbs9.9Check price
2ndTOMOLOO HoverboardBluetooth Speaker & RGB LED26.4 lbs9.8Check price
3rdMegaWheels UL2272 speed of 7.5+mph, 250 Watt motors26.4 lbs9.7Check price

Currently one of the most popular kinds of a gadget is self balancing scooters. People mostly the teenagers are getting interested in hoverboards whereas some of them are not sure about what is it and how does it work. They even have no idea about the safety issues regarding this.  Our expert team choose these top rated hoverboard to check. It is a fictional augmenting board that has been used for the personal form of transportation. It is more like a skateboard with a powered motor that gives it the ability to move in all directions. All you need to do is to stand on the board of the hoverboard and to hold good balance over it so that you can able to make it move in the direction you want to move. It is a battery operated device that gets to work with just an on and off button and by placing the majority weight in that particular direction. So if you are planning to have one you need to pick up the best of it. Here I am giving reviews about top rated best hoverboards that will help you to decide which one can be the best for you.

Hoverboard is a trendy prop to play with among the teenagers and to the boys who love to play with the trendy props. So, before having one for your kids, you need to understand about the functioning categories and the safety measures. Not only this, you also have to know that buying which one can make you certain about its longevity.


Official Halo Roverboard reviews – self balancing hoverboard

Best Hoverboard reviewsOfficial Halo Rover states at the top of my review list. It is a vigorous hoverboard that has the maximum speed limit of 10 miles per hour. It is able to travel over terrain and can climb upon the hills up to 20 degrees with its 8.5 inches of tires. Check this self balancing hoverboard reviews to pick this item. It comes with IPX4 water resistant compliance that it does not get damaged by rain or any kind of splashes of water. The LED headlight system of Halo Rover models adds an improvement to visibility for not only the riders but also the pedestrians, cyclists and drivers whoever is sharing the same terrains at the same time. This item also comes with aluminum protected guards in wheels and body. The Halo Rover Hoverboard owners are able to maintain the complete control over their item  by the Smartphone app that monitors the power, speed, and distance of the traveler. The adjusting speed, steering sensitivity and other intelligent features give the rider a user-friendly and safe traveling experience.

  • The hoverboard is built with UL certified LG fire safe batteries
  • It enables training modes in beginner, normal and advanced
  • It is able to tackle hills or terrains that comes in the way with 800 watts of dual power independent motors
  • The never flat tire condition grips over the obstacles that come in the way
  • The ride assist technology keeps the hoverboard upright when then power is on
  • The aluminum protective wings ensures no impact on the boards body and stays safe and undamaged if it falls
  • Halo Rover comes with Bluetooth and mobile app system that lets you keep track on your distance, map ride, power on and off even blast of music from your phone
  • Charging port breaks down easily
  • Battery may shut down without any notification
  • Might carry fire in interactions with water
  • You may find it little heavy
  • Shakes when switches on to normal and in advanced mode
  • Terrible correspondence system

TOMOLOO Hoverboard reviews

TOMOLOO HoverboardIn the second position of my review list, I would like to put TOMOLOO Hoverboard. Tomoloo is one of the oldest and efficient enterprises that produce intelligent self-balance scooters and all the products have passed regulations related to safety. The hoverboard comes with two wheels self-balancing system that helps the riders to keep balance on the board. The 8.5 inches of the motor size is perfect for kids and adults that endure 6 to 12 miles of the lovely trip and can take 40to 265 pounds of weight on it. The material of the hoverboard is closer to iPhone shell that is made of aluminum alloy. The features that give this material are high-temperature resistance and fire resistance which sums up with higher strength and toughness. It has verified safety measures that are certified with battery complying all the safety regulations according to the US safety regulations. The RGB LED design enhances the look of the board that changes colours that enables you a colourful riding experience. Tomoloo has imposed the first mechanical self-balancing technology in a hoverboard that provides both safety and easy operation. So it can be a better gift idea for your dear ones.

  • It has professional acceleration sensor gives smooth and stable riding experience
  • It has more foot space that gives a stable ride and control from sophisticated ride
  • 350 watts of dual motor enhances the speeding, acceleration and drifting practice
  • The IPX4 waterproof technology adds interesting riding experience even in water or wet space
  • The Bluetooth system enables you to enjoy louder music while riding
  • 12 months warranty and 24/7 service hub is open to meet with whatever issue you face with the hoverboard
  • You may find a broken Bluetooth system
  • Bluetooth system only works for music
  • It is harder for the beginners to ride and maintain balance
  • Unable to hold charge for a long time


MegaWheels Self Balance Scooter reviews

MegaWheels hoverboard Self Balance Scooter reviews MegaWheels Scooter appears third on the review list doe best hoverboards. The company is highly concerned about trustworthiness and reliability in quality. It has passed all the necessary and important safety tests that are needed for ensuring the safety issues to the customers. This hoverboard is easy to learn for anyone with two sleek and smooth 250 watt powerful motors. The anti-slip pedals and tires offer a safe trip whenever you want to enjoy a ride on it. The 6.5 inches dual tyres also give 15-degree climbing gradient and it is suitable for terrains. In this hoverboard, you ride 10to 15 kilometres which are approximately 7.5 miles on full charges for three hours. The charger of the battery protects from overcharging and also fire and explosion resistant. It has splashing resistant system that also has an anti-impact case. But still, if any problem arises, customers will find local maintenance services to solve the problems with efficiency.


  • Megaeheels hoverboards will make you sure about worry-free ride
  • It has UL2272 certified to meet up with safety and security issues
  • Consists with 25.2 volts of 4A battery that is able to hit maximum speed limit of 7.5MPH
  • Powerful riding experience with 2 powerful motors
  • 5 inches of tires gets control over the ride
  • Able to take 110 kgs of maximum load that allows the family to hover around


  • Only able to work on flat surface
  • Battery dies so quickly
  • Sometimes it unable to take control over the rider

EPIKGO Hoverboard reviews

EPIKGO Hoverboard reviewsOn the fourth position, I can say it should be EPIKGO Hoverboard. The specifications of this hoverboard are far from average. The next generation of electrical self-balancing board technology has been used in it. The smart battery is UL2272 certified balance board. The battery ran 159 tests regarding safety regulations so that you find no hazard while you are going to take a ride with this. The 400w dual motors help to climb the slopes up to 18 degrees and the charge will last for an hour and over 10 miles of range. It has built with smart charging technology that charges 30% larger than any other hoverboards. The IP65 solid tyres can travel through mud, grass or sand. It is also water resistant and built so that you can go wherever you want. It constructs the classy product of its kind.


  • Comes with built in 2 hour fast charging technology
  • 2x powerful product with little larger hoverboard than usual size enables more foot space and controlling stability while riding
  • The battery is UL2271 certified and IP65 waterproof certified
  • Guaranteed durability with the aluminum body and all-terrain tires made of alloy wheels
  • Able to travel through grass mud and sand
  • 1 year of warranty for parts and labour from the manufacturer


  • Breaks so easily even in lighter weight
  • Faulty charging system
  • Stops without any beeping
  • The power supply unit sparks sometimes
  • No beginner mode to limit the speed


SWAGTRON T6 hoverboard reviews

SWAGTRON T6 hoverboard reviewsSWAGTRON T6 Off-Road comes to the 5th ranking on my review list. The name Swagtron has been set to take swag off-road with this T6 hoverboard. Does not matter wherever you travel either in mountain roads, grassy plains or trekking around muddy terrain, the hoverboard maintains a good balance of the scooter and yours too. The aluminium and ABS plastic material body of the hoverboard help to protect the internal components. It is rated IPX4 that can puddle over water too. 10 inches tubeless nylon infused tires lets you enjoy the ride up to 30 degrees of inclines and takes a grip over staggered shoulder blocks. It consists of a lithium-ion battery that charges the electric scooter in just 2 to 3 hours. It also has a battery indicator that turns signals and LED lights directly to the body so that you can keep track on the battery status. You can also connect the hoverboard to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can play music. UL2772 certified electronics protected hoverboard ensures the safety measures as well. It has the mileage of 12 miles and speeds up to maximum 12mph as the speed is also governed at 7.5 mph. It is able to take 250 pounds of loads on it. With all these features, the T6 hoverboard is not just for kids, also for adults who want to swag around.


  • It allows roll over bumps maximum 30 degrees
  • The metal guards protects feet from enough power to handle
  • Self balancing system enables traveling in mud, grass, rain or even in gravel
  • This hoverboard can take up to 420 pounds of weight which is highest from others
  • Bluetooth connects with music directly from phone
  • Ensures safety measure being UL2272 certified


  • You may face electrical break down frequently
  • Can break down easily
  • Much price than the others
  • Battery dies fast

In a word

Moving towards the conclusion it can be said that Official Halo Roveris is the best hoverboard to play with for both kids and adults. Currently, the hoverboard industry took the world like a storm as it showed a unique and innovative transportation idea which is at the same time fun and new. Though there are few issues regarding safety and efficiency to ride over and still it maintains a good phase of enjoyment. That is why it can be a great gift for your teenage children and I highly recommend Official Halo Roveris if you are thinking about making a purchase. These reviews are done by my own opinion and research so I would like to suggest you take a tour to your nearest showrooms to make a better decision.

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