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Best WiFi IP Camera

Our expert QA engineer team find SOTION 1080P IP WiFi Camera is best wireless home security camera within these 10 best quality camera. After researching around 50 camera within 10 days. Most of the buyers are very much happy after using the solution wireless home security wifi camera. In a word, excellent service.

SOTION 1080P IP WiFi Camera

Amcrest UltraHD 2K

Zmodo HD Wireless IP Security

As an end-user with no knowledge and experience in purchasing IP cameras. I’m sure that you will have no idea when reading the product description o an IP camera to identify what you’ll need and what you don’t need in an IP camera. To assist you in seeking an IP camera that works for you, I have collected the 10 best WiFi IP cameras in 2017 from top well-known camera brands. These 10 cameras have been proven its quality by millions families and companies all around the world. This review article of mine includes a brief introduction to each model, its PROs and CONs, as well as some notices(if needed) when using it.

Best 3 WiFi IP Camera

SOTION 1080P IP Internet Network
  • Our Rating 9.9 out of 10
  • Full HD 1080P
  • 90º viewing angle
  • Super clear night vision
  • Reliable Wi-Fi connection
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Amcrest UltraHD 2K
  • Our rating 9.5 out of 10
  • 1080p at 30fps
  • 90 degree Viewing Angle
  • LED Night Vision Up to 32 feet
  • Quick WiFi Setup
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Zmodo 1080p HD Pan Security
  • Our rating 9.8 out of 10
  • 1080p at 30fps
  • 151° wide-angle, and rotates 360°
  • Adjustable night-vision technology
  • 151° tilt view
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In today’s life, WiFi IP cameras(or also called “network cameras”) is becoming more and more popular both for home and commercial security. Unlike the old-fashioned analog camera, this camera type operates independently on the principles of Internet Protocol (IP) with lots of upgrades in design, technology and features to improve its accuracy, performance and convenience for users. But since there are too many camera brands and models on the market, it seems too confusing to pick up a WiFi IP camera for your purposes.

SOTION 1080P IPBest wireless security camera

SOTION 1080P IP CameraOur expert engineer pick this Solution because of its quality and customers feedback. Most of the feedback is very positive.This is one of the best wireless security camera. This IP camera from SOTION is made for end-users like me! Why? Because I can set up the camera and connect it to my WiFi router with the help of SotionCam app. Just connect the cable, scan the QR code, then enter my WiFi connection ID and password, and I can get ready to use the camera. For those who worry about network security in IP cameras (e.g.: YI Dome IP camera), this camera has enhanced its security standard with camera ID can be up to 24 characters with both numbers and letters. So you don’t have to worry about leaking any information of your house outside. With the super wide night vision up to 30 ft., this camera can record and detect any suspicious motion in the dark, and alerts you immediately via your tracking devices.






  • Clear night vision up to 30 ft.
  • Real-time streaming, playback on multiple devices anytime
  • Sotion Cam app simplifies the initial setup and WiFi connection process
  • Enhanced security with camera ID up to 24 characters
  • Live record and save recordings to SD card or download video from the SD card to your app
  • The instructions should be more detailed
  • The motion detector does not always work well
  • Lack of dual-band WiFi connection (only 2.4GHz)
  • There is only WiFi connection – which can be a problem when the internet connection is weak, or there is no internet signal


Amcrest UltraHD 2K – Best wireless home security camera

Amcrest UltraHD 2K WiFi Security IPIf previous item is out of stock or you don’t want to buy it, you can easily pick the Amcrest UltraHD. Our expert team choose this item as 2nd position. It is also best wireless home security camera of home or office purpose. Amcrest UltraHD 2K is the only IP camera on the market that has ultra HD resolution with 3MP for image resolution and 1296p for video recording (an average camera reaches only to 1080p). With this IP camera, you can see every motion on your device like crystal clear. Nonetheless, with the support of IR LED vision up to 32 ft., this IP camera can live record all images at daytime or night clearly. Some other cameras also have night vision, but they are limited to 17 ft., which is not enough to record anything. Another advantage of this IP camera is that it cooperates well with many third-party software / apps / NAS like LiveCam Pro, QNAP, Synology, iSpy, Zone reminder, and more. So in case you are using other apps to watch your house, you can check if this camera can work with it or not.






  • Ultra HD resolution: for image 3MP, for video 1296p
  • Dual-band WiFi connection at 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Intelligent Motion Alert technology lets you know immediately about suspicious behaviors around the target area
  • Compatible with various third-party software/apps/NAS
  • IR LED night vision up to 32 ft.
  • No 360-degree view for all axes of motion
  • The guideline is lack of detailed explanations
  • Live video mode is hard to control, and there are many crashes
  • The supporting Chrome extension doesn’t work


Zmodo 1080p HD Zoom Wireless IP Security

Zmodo-1080p-HD-PanThis is the best-selling camera model of Zmodo because of its flexibility and user-friendly interface. First, I thought an indoor/outdoor IP camera must be quite complicated to setup since there are many advanced features. But not for this camera! It took me around 15 minutes for the initial installation before getting ready to view my home from my mobile phone.

Similar to its “brother” Zmodo 1080p with NVR”, this IP camera also includes the NVR technology that optimizes disk space for recording in more extended time. However, if your purpose is only to live stream, then this disadvantage is not a big deal. You can consider choosing a cheaper one without this feature to save money.

  • Easy and quick installation
  • Recording can be saved locally on the disk or cloud storage (optional)
  • Can be used both for indoor and outdoor security
  • NVR technology for intelligent record and save disk space
  • Can’t update timezone for the camera from Zmodo’s website (it can only be done via mobile apps)
  • There is no specific guideline
  • Sometimes the camera loses connection
  • Micro USB connectors are not stable when putting them outdoor


Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD

Amcrest ProHDIP2M-841 is my life-saving equipment during my time as a working mom. Thanks to this WiFi IP camera, I focus on work because I know that I can always see what my baby is doing at home, and how the nanny is taking care of him. With the full HD video resolution (1080p), I can clearly see my baby’s face to know whether he’s happy or not. This camera also acts as an interactive video telephone whenever I need to talk to my baby or call my nanny for some housework, with the loud two-way audio with built-in speaker and microphone. Besides using to track my baby, I can also use this camera to have a 90-degree overview of my home when I’m on vacation with the Pan-Tilt feature.


  • Great image quality at night
  • IR lens for clear night vision
  • Full HD video resolution (1080p)
  • Loud two-way audio with integrated speaker and microphone. The microphone is sensitive and can be used for all rooms in the house
  • Pan-Tilt feature that allows a 90-degree view
  • An available slot for SD card up to 32GB
  • No power over Ethernet
  • Low image resolution (only 2MP)
  • The software does not work on Chrome, outdated, and hard to use

Zmodo Smart Wireless Security Camera

Zmodo Smart Wireless SecurityIf you are serious about security for cloud storage of IP cameras, this IP camera from Zmodo can keep you in peace. The banking security level with 256-bit encryption and Transport Layer Security (TLS), all your videos and images are always encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud server. With this top level of protection, no one (include Zmodo employees) can see or download your graphics data about your home. Besides, the Zmodo Beem and the Door Sensors (valued $99), you are always get alerted of strange motions in your home. The smart night vision up to 65 ft. is enough to trigger any suspicious actions and let you sleep in peace, knowing that you are always protected.

  • Can be used both for home or commercial office
  • It takes only a few minutes to assemble the camera
  • Free Zmodo WiFi extender and Door Sensors
  • Night vision up to 65 ft.
  • Discreet security level with 256-bit encryption and TLS (Transport Layer Security)
  • WiFi connection is limited to WPA or WPA2 encryption type
  • No SD card slot for saving data. There is only cloud storage (which requires monthly fee after first 3 free month trial)
  • Limited zooming function for small objects


Blink XT Outdoor/Indoor Home Security Camera

Blink XTBlink XT is an excellent deal for both outdoor and indoor home security. This WiFi IP camera has many improvements for its previous model – Blink. What makes this camera an ideal choice for outdoor security is the infrared night vision. This technology allows the camera to produce high-quality images at night. Infrared light is invisible light to human eyes, but the camera can see it clearly. In other words, the infrared light vision with sensitive motion detection, this camera can figure out any criminals or those who want to get into your home, while they cannot notice about the camera.

  • Can be used both for indoor and outdoor security
  • 4G cellular connection that can be a backup when there is no wifi connection
  • Infrared night vision with motion detection to detect any strangers that are trying to get into your house
  • Full HD video resolution (1080p)
  • Backup with 2 AA lithium batteries that can last for 2 years
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Free 2-hour cloud storage
  • There is no option to set up image shooting for 5 cameras separately
  • The audio feature is only one-way (cannot respond and be heard)
  • No extra mounting brakes
  • The motion detection works well from side to side, not from all angles

Zmodo 1080p HDMI NVR with 4 x 720p

Zmodo Wi-Fi Wireless SecurityZmodo 1080p NVR is by far the best IP camera that can be used both for indoor and outdoor security. Unlike other IP cameras which only have a single default recording mode, this IP camera has 3 recording modes to maximize motion records, including activated motion, intelligent recording, and normal recording. Moreover, with the advanced NVR technology, you no longer have to worry that your camera’s hard disk runs out of space for new recordings. Third, this IP camera is made from the durable weather-proof material that can work under harsh weather conditions for years. Thus you can install it outdoors to keep your home always secured.

  • 3 recording modes to maximize motion records
  • Infrared night vision
  • Wide-angle view of 81 degrees
  • Full HD resolution (1080p)
  • Advanced NVR technology optimizes memory space for more recordings in longer time
  • Push notifications of any suspicious activities on your multiple devices
  • Weatherproof to keep the camera in good condition for years
  • Sometimes connection is lost
  • Supporting devices are limited on only Android and iOS
  • There is no 360-degree view
  • The supporting documentation provides limited help as reported by many previous customers


Wansview Wireless IP Camera

Wansview Wireless IP Camera

Wansview IP camera is a must-have for your office if you want to secure your pieces of equipment, observe your employees or customers, or simply just want to have an overview of what’s going on in your store or office. This camera goes “wireless” with multiple WiFi channels with the support of 3Dbi antennae that keep the camera always connected no matter what. Thus, you don’t have to worry that your tracking/recording is interrupted. Focal length is the second point that differs Wansview Wireless IP Camera from all average cameras on the market. With the Pan-Tilt with 4x digital zoom can open the motion view up to 112 degrees, you can always have an overview of all corners of your home, your office, or your store.

  • Multiple WiFi channels and 3Dbi antennae keep the camera always connected
  • Full HD resolution (1080p) with recording speed at 25 fps
  • Focal length 4.2mm that can zoom in/zoom out from 20% to 70%
  • Pan-Tilt and 4x digital zoom which opens the motion view to 112 degrees
  • Two-way audio that makes it available to talk and listen via the mobile app
  • Viewing support via mobile/tablet apps and desktop browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE)
  • Night vision up to 20 feet
  • Live stream is always available even in the dark
  • No free cloud storage
  • Night vision is only open to 7 ft.
  • Lack of useful instructions
  • A little bit expensive for home use


Foscam R2 1080P HD

Foscam R2 1080PI have been using IP cameras for both my store, office, and home, but only with Foscam R2, I realize that the manufacturer does care about the two-way audio quality. Some improvements in this feature help enhance the quality of the conversation via the IP camera. First, noise-cancellation technology is integrated so that I can notice what’s going on from the other side of the camera. Second, the built-in microphone makes it easy for the remaining side to listen to me well. Another advantage that persuaded me to purchase this IP camera is that the remote Pan-Tilt can extend the view angle up to the 300-degree/100-degree range, which is an excellent add-up to see all axes of motion.

  • Premium two-way audio with noise-cancellation microphone and improved audio output
  • Motion Alerts allows you to track any suspicious motions
  • IR LED provides super clear night view up to 26 ft.
  • Remote Pan-Tilt can extend the look up to the 300-degree/100-degree range
  • Small and easy to fit in any narrow areas indoor or outdoor
  • Fisheye lens provides weird recordings in too-wide angle
  • Almost all browsers don’t work well with the supporting PC plug-in
  • No guide labels on the camera’s adjustments


YI Dome Camera Wireless IP Security

YI Dome Camera PanIf Zmodo only limits its view up to 81 degrees, this YI Dome IP Camera can provide a 360-degree view that records all angles in your area with its super wide rotation (345 degrees of horizontal rotation and 115 degrees of vertical rotation). When compared with a fixed-focus focal length, this extension is a great add-up within an affordable price range. As far as I know, there hasn’t been any IP camera on the market that can guarantee to record all angles of motion like YI Dome. With the help of 360-degree view, you can always keep up what’s going on in every corner of your home, office, or store remotely with the real-time activity alerts. While going out of my office for business deals, I can still observe my employees to check whether they are working hard when I’m away.

  • 112-degree view with 345 degrees of horizontal rotation and 115 degrees of vertical rotation provides a 360-degree view
  • Real-time activity alerts that push notifications to your tracking devices
  • Low recording resolution (only 720p)
  • The installation kit is hard to mount
  • WiFi signal is not so good when the camera is far from the WiFi router
  • Some security issues with the supporting apps


With my detailed review of best wireless home security cameras 2017, I hope that you have found your suitable one for your home/office/store, or at least had some clues on how to pick up an IP camera for your purpose. There might be many better IP cameras out there which I haven’t heard or tried before. But these 10 above ones are the best within a reasonable price that I have known for years.

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