Best cordless stick vacuum cleaner reviews

Cordless vacuum cleaners are a great idea to buy for your house as they are easy to use. Though there are cleaners not powerful as corded cleaners, you need to make choice after doing well-defined research. These cleaners clean your house in a convenient and different way. You can carry it anywhere without any hassle of a cord. You can quickly pick up and start cleaning your house. You will not get messed up in handling cords. The cleaning process takes lesser time as they are lightweight and quick to use. You can even clean stairs, car seats and other furniture items with such cleaners. The top rated vacuum cleaners include Dyson V8, Dyson V6, Linx Signature, Deik V2 and Deik V1 etc. All these vacuums work with batteries. You can change the batteries if they are creating problems for you. Some people may think that cordless vacuums may not have enough suction power. But this is totally a myth. The right choice of vacuum can provide you right cleaning. All these cleaners clean deeply and are capable of cleaning multiple types of floors. Even if you have pets at home, the cordless cleaners are capable of cleaning their hairs. These vacuums lock the dust and prevent your house from allergies and bacteria.

Dyson V8 is considered best because of its amazing features. It has HEPA filtration, dirt ejector, and amazing docking station. Your cleaning process will become easy and quick using these techniques. You can even reach difficult places like underneath your beds and other furniture items. The dirt ejector will clean the bin for you. This way you are saved from all hassles. You can buy this vacuum cleaner at very reasonable and attractive price. You will realize after use that it has saved a lot of your time.


Dyson V8

Dyson V8 vacuum has amazing features that includes cordless working. You are free from hassles of handling cords. The suction of this vacuum is very powerful. The battery of this vacuum is fully equipped for cleaning. There are two cleaner heads. The vacuum has 150% more powerful brush bar as compared to Dyson V6 model. The head of this vacuum is used to clean debris and dust. The HEPA filtration is used to remove allergens. After removing allergens, HEPA filtration will release clean air which is cleaner than the air you breathe. With this filtration technique, you can There is Hygienic dirt ejector that removes dirt from the bin with a single move. You will get a docking station that can be used to charge your machine. You can even store additional attachments with the help of this docking station. You can even make this vacuum handheld. It will make your cleaning process quick. Moreover, you can even clean the places where it was difficult to reach. There are 2 tier 15 radial cyclones that helps in capturing fine dust particles. You will get a max power mode too in this vacuum that provides higher suction. You can use this mode to complete difficult tasks.


  • There is no cord required for working of this vacuum. You can say that cleaning from this vacuum is a hassle-free task.
  • You need not bother about cleaning the bin as dirt ejector will do this for you. A single action is required and your dirt is cleaned.
  • The docking station will keep your vacuum always organized. You need not bother about storing its additional attachments.
  • A max power mode will make the things easy for you. The tasks that are difficult for you to complete can be easily handled by this power mode.


  • The cost of this vacuum is not affordable to all. Some people may find it expensive.
  • You need to have knowledge about its operations otherwise you may end up spoiling everything.
  • You need to keep the power button pressed during cleaning. It may cause pain in your thumb area.


Deik V2 Vacuum Cleaner

Deik V2 is beautifully designed without cords and this 2-in-1 cleaner can reach anywhere without any hurdles. You can clean beds, sofas, cars etc. in addition to floors with this multifunctional vacuum cleaner. It has 2-speed suction modes in cleaning head that helps in proper cleaning of dust and debris. The cleaning head includes a motor that makes the cleaning process easy and perfect. You can even adjust the suction speed as per your convenience and to save energy. You need not mess yourself while cleaning this vacuum. The dust container attached to a vacuum is removable. You just have to throw away the contents to clean the vacuum. Its Premium design Swivel head will allow you to clean underneath beds, sofas and other furniture items. You will get headlights attached that will clean up the dirt that is hidden underneath. You will get 30 minutes cleaning time on a single charge of battery. You will get a separate charging dock that will make the things hassle free. You can keep the attachments in an organized way using this docking station.  The price of this amazing vacuum cleaner is reasonable. You need not think much of features are worth the cost of vacuum.


  • The cleaning of this vacuum is not limited to floors. You can even clean all the furniture items such as a bed, sofas etc.
  • The adjustable suction speed will allow you to clean perfectly without wasting any energy.
  • The dust container of vacuum is detachable. You need not detach so many parts or spend a lot of time in cleaning the vacuum.
  • The setup process of this vacuum is very easy and friendly. You need not mess yourself in initiating cleaning process. The separate dock will allow you to charge the machine properly and store the additional attachments without any damage.


  • This vacuum may not be suitable if you have pets at home. Your vacuum may get messed up for cleaning hair of pets.
  • The suction is not strong enough to clean all kind of stubborn dirt. You will need a heavy duty vacuum for that if you do not want to disappoint yourself.


Linx Signature

Linx signature includes a battery with 18-volt lithium ion that is perfect for generating powerful performance.  This cordless battery can be used hassle free. It works well on carpets and hard floors through electronic brush roll. Linx Signature is very lightweight and you can clean it effectively without many efforts. You can even reach for your furniture items with this amazing Linx signature. All this is possible due to its low profile design. The battery is interchangeable and you can change it if it is not working effectively. The battery charges very fast. Approx. 3 to 4 hours will be taken by this battery to get fully charged. It’s not like traditional Ni-CD batteries that take 8to 10 hours to get charged. Moreover, this battery sustains its power even during its use. But this is not the case with traditional Ni-CD batteries. You can say it is a powerful, lightweight and versatile product that will fulfill all your cleaning needs. You can throw away your dustpans and brooms as this new technology will transform your ways of cleaning. The best thing is it comes with extra battery. You can replace it if your old battery is bothering you and does not provide efficient working.


  • It has a faster charging system. You need not wait for long to get your Linx work. It takes only 3 hours to get back to work again. Moreover, batteries are interchangeable.
  • You can do cordless cleaning on carpets and floors. You can even take them anywhere as there is no hassle of carrying cord.
  • The efforts are less as Linx is very lightweight. You can even reach underneath your furniture items.
  • This product is versatile and provides efficient cleaning. It can perfectly tackle every mess created at home.


  • It takes a lot of time to clean the debris or dust from the Linx. If you have pets at home, it will be a messy task to clean the Linx signature. You can say it works well on tiles and wood floors.
  • The batteries may not last long. You may have to spend extra money every time on buying batteries.


Dyson V6

Dyson V6 is a cordless vacuum that possesses 150% more brush bar power. You need not face any hassles of carrying cord while cleaning different places. This way you can reach difficult places to clean it. The suction power is very good i.e. it provides suction up to 20 minutes continuously. The battery power is very strong and fully dedicated to cleaning. This vacuum is always ready to clean. You just have to lift off and clean the dirt without any difficulty. You can not only remove fine dust from hard floors but also remove hair and dirt from carpets. There is direct drive cleaner that goes deeper into the carpet to clean the stubborn dirt. You can detach it from machine to transform into the handheld mode. This mode can be used to clean car seats, underneath furniture and tight areas. You need not purchase any additional tools for its functions. However, you need to take extra care as its roller wheels are wrapped with fur. They may get scratched while cleaning hard floors or may not properly roll while cleaning. You can even clean stairs easily with this magical Dyson V6.  In short, it is a non-bulky vacuum having amazing power.


  • This cord-free vacuum can clean any place without any problem and allows you to reach even difficult places. You can just pick up the vacuum and clean the place as it is always ready to pick up.
  • The direct drive cleaner feature cleans thoroughly all the carpets. Even your pet hair can be cleaned properly which is not possible with maximum vacuums.
  • The power of vacuum is amazing. If you are looking for a versatile and lightweight vacuum, this is the right choice.
  • Roller bar has great power and capacity to clean threads or hair stick to carpets and floors.


  • The battery power is limited. You cannot clean the house in single battery life if your house is bit spacious
  • The capacity of the canister is very small. You need to dump it again and again especially if you have pets at home.
  • The price may not be affordable to everyone.


Deik V1 vacuum cleaner

Deik V1 vacuum cleaner is easier to carry as it is very lightweight. Even if weight is less, the power released is very impressive. You need not compromise towards cleaning as it provides thorough cleaning of all places. This 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner can be easily transformed to the handheld with just one press of a button. You can clean car seats, stairs and other furniture with this mode easily. This machine has the capability to clean multiple types of floors. Just press the button and clean hard floors or carpets or other floors. You will get HEPA and sponge filtration in this machine. This machine will not throw the small dust particles back into the air rather it will lock them and prevents to reach again to the floors of your house. This way you can save your house from bacteria and allergies caused due to these small dust particles. This machine can easily clean tight places by removing the handheld vacuum. You will get an upholstery tool carrying soft edges that can easily remove pet hairs and dust from sofas. The battery is made up of lithium and carries 22 volts power. The price is also very reasonable for this product.


  • This is a very great product available at reasonable price.
  • This lightweight vacuum is capable of cleaning even tight areas and pet hairs
  • It has the ability to clean all type of floors. You need not get messed on carpets while cleaning threads or hair of your pets
  • The suction power is adequate and sufficient enough to clean all kind of dust or debris.
  • The design quality of this vacuum is amazing. All the accessories are well attached for the convenience of the user. Moreover, the battery power is amazing.
  • It locks the dust rather than spreading it into the air of your house.


  • The strong suction of this vacuum sometimes creates problems for the users. The head of the vacuum may get stick to the carpet and it becomes difficult to push it back because of high suction power
  • It may not be as effective as anticipated on hardwood floors.


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