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Best Work BootsAfter testing with toe cap impact,belt, sole adhesion tester, our expert team pick Wolverine is best work boots due to its durability and resistant capacity, also focused on customers feedback. You can stand a whole day without any tiredness with these boots. These boots come in different models and toes. Even composite toe boots are available that provides athletic protection. Work boots are available in wide variety. It is your decision which one will suit you best. If you work in areas full of hazards and danger, you will definitely need strong protection in your feet. Your work boots must be indestructible to ensure that your feet are safe in tough conditions. There are some comfortable boots that come with a soft toe that makes your work easy. These safety boots include Caterpillar steel toe boots, KEEN Utility steel toe boots, Thorogood American Heritage work boots, Timberland Alloy toe work boots, Wolverine soft toe boots etc. All these types of boots have desirable characteristics that make them comfortable for your feet.


KEEN Utility


Top rated work boots 2018

1stWolverineLeather, Synthetic sole, comfort outsole5 lbs9.8Check price
2ndKEEN UtilityNubuck Leather, Rubber sole 3 lbs9.7Check price
3rdThorogoodUSA, Leather, MAXwear Wedge sole
5 lbs9.5Check price

Wolverine soft toe boots provide removable cushion footbed and durability. The arch support and breathable mesh lining will keep your feet fresh all the time. If we talk about Timberland Alloy toe boots, they provide padded tongue, durable upper leather, and breathable mesh lining. These boots also ensure stability and comfort. The KEEN Utility steel toe boots are oil and slip resistant that will prevent your falls. You can have a stronger grip on wet surfaces. They are good for controlling the heat that prevents your feet from sweat and stinky smell. Thorogood steel toe boots provide steel caps that increase workplace safety. In addition to that, you get electric hazard protection with these boots. Even Caterpillar steel toe boots offer electric hazard protection. The outsole is slip resistant and mesh lining ensures breathability to your feet. You can choose any type of work boot as per your work requirement.


Wolverine work boots

Wolverine work bootsWolverine boots will give you unmatched comforts and durability. You can enjoy great resistance in Wolverine against slippery floors. They are easy to carry and provides extra comforts to your feet. The leather attached to the boots perform well. You will not feel any fatigue even if you are wearing them the whole day. Heels include compressing pads that absorb all stress before it bothers your feet and legs. The sole is made up of synthetic material. The mesh lines on the boots will manage the moisture. The footbed used in Wolverine shoes is removable. The comfort provided by these boots is long lasting as the durable material is used. The company offers 30 days comfort guarantee. You can return them back if you are not satisfied or there is any defect. The advanced tread design of these work boots enables better ground contact. This way you can walk safer in a wet environment. But that does not mean the boots are waterproof. People who have bought this model are very happy with its performance. These boots do not have a steel toe. You can choose the size that fits your feet best and places the order.

  • The Wolverine boots are highly comfortable and durable. They will not let you fall as their grip is strong. The quality of boots is very good and made up of durable material.
  • You can easily walk on a wet surface or slippery floor due to greater resistance.
  • The special sole and heel pads cushion will remove all your fatigue
  • The breathable fabric will let your feet breathe and will prevent them from the stinky smell.
  • The compression pads are used to absorb stress from your feet. The comfort provided is long lasting. You can stay fresh all the day as these boots are designed keeping in mind customer’s comfort.
  • The boots are not waterproof. However, you can use waterproof spray to enjoy this feature
  • You will not get steel toes in these boots. These are not suitable for people whose work required steel toe boots.
  • The cost of boots is not affordable for all type of customers.


KEEN Utility boots

KEEN Utility bootsKEEN Utility is one of the only brands which place the comfort level to their topmost priority. The KEEN Utility steel toe work boots are known for their durability and toughness. The boots have a steel toe and are very comfortable for work. The nubuck leather has been used and it has a rubber sole to provide the comfort. The rubber outsole provides you an added advantage of being oil and slip resistant, so, you may easily wear them all day long. Foot injuries are quite common in the workplace like any heavy objects falls on or roll over, so, the steel toe boots protect you against the injuries, punctures, or can even help you prevent slipping of falling. It gives you confidence that you are safe and protected with these steel toe boots. If your work requires standing for long hours, then the metatomical EVA footbed and dry lex footwear lining helps in making you stand for long without getting too tired. The size charts are clearly available so that you can make your perfect order with a wide variety of color combination and the company also offers free return service of some sizes and color.

  • They are very comfortable to wear even for long hours.
  • The steel toe, imported leather, and rubber sole give you peace of mind that your feet are surely protected.
  • The boots are waterproof. During the rains all day long or snowy days, they remained dry on the inside.
  • The laces used in the boots are of the finest quality. They stay tight all over the day.
  • Its durable quality makes you feel protected against any injuries at your workplace.
  • When you are considering for safety work shoes, these steel toe work boots becomes the best choice as the steel can resist puncture or other damage.
  • These boots for not suitable for hiking trails or mountains, unlike the hiking boots because of the extra weight from them
  • These boots are heavier in weight as compared to any composite-toe work boots. You may feel them hard at first before getting used to it.
  • Steel is the good conductor of heat and cold. So in very cold weather, these may cause feet quite cold and in very hot weather, the feet can be sweaty.


Thorogood work boots

Thorogood work bootsThorogood has been making shoes in America for over 100 years. So, the ThorogoodMoc Toe Boot becomes the first choice when it comes to comfort, durability, high quality and the look. These work boots have a moccasin toe and wedge sole protect the foot while allowing the wearer to feel the ground. Especially if you have to spend long hours on the job, then these boots are really relaxing and comfortable. Moreover, the design adds a style to their attire. The rubber wedge outsole used is oil and slip-resistant, so you are protected from slipping through for any reason. Although these boots are not waterproof, they held up strongly in tough conditions. Even though these boots do not have a steel toe, however, they are the safety toe boots with the moccasin-like stitching around the toe. If you are looking the boots for the hiking purpose, then, these boots may not be highly recommended as the sole is very soft which might not be useful for hiking on rough terrain. You can find your right size by going through the size chart and in some sizes and color; you have been offered free returns as well.

  • These leather boots with moccasin toe are especially beneficial for people working for long hours on the job.
  • Rather than been glued, stitching is precisely done, which makes the boots a highly durable product.
  • They keep the water out and the feet remain warm. Also in warm weather, you do not feel hot to wear them.
  • Great quality of USA made leather has been used and has been crafted very neatly. So, these boots are perfect for concrete work.
  • The boots are also recommended in hot weather. You will not find your foot sweaty at all.
  • On highly wet surfaces or the muddy area, the sole of these boots can become slippery.
  • This is not a waterproof boot.
  • This also does not have a steel toe.
  • The sole of the boot is not grippy enough to be used for hiking.


Timberland boots

Timberland bootsTimberland is a brand that every person needs. You can trust this brand blindly as their product is always of good quality and comfort. The toe used in this model of boots is soft and upper part is made of rugged leather. The sole used is Polyurethane and top collar boots are padded comfortably.  The PROrubber outsole will prevent your fall on the slippery and oily surface. You need not worry about your comfort as the whole day you can work with these boots without any fatigue. You can say these boots are safe to wear, tough on things and comfortable in a walk. You will not feel any foot pain as the material used is very comfortable. The shaft used is 6” from the arch and platform is approx. 75 inches. You can remove the sock liner for extra comfort. The insole is cushioned which is the reason these boots are very comfortable. Their performance is long lasting. You can save your footwear expenses as you will not get any complaints from this product. The durability of this product is unmatched. The resistance of this product from water is good. They will protect your feet from stains and water.

  • These Timberland boots are very comfortable to wear because of the soft cushioned sole. You can wear them safely even in tough conditions.
  • It is made up of high-quality material that will provide greater support for long. In other words, this product is highly durable.
  • These boots have strong resistance to slippery and oily surfaces.
  • These are best fitted for those people whose working hours are long
  • These leather work boots will make you work without any pain. You can relieve your feet from stress caused by some boots.
  • These boots do not have any issue with water. You can say they are water resistant.
  • The cost of these boots is not affordable to all. You may need to manage your budget to buy this product.
  • Some people find these boots stiffer and difficult to wear. You can say they are not a perfect fit for everyone.
  • You need to provide extra care if you want them to work longer.


Caterpillar boots

Caterpillar bootsCaterpillar boots have classic styling offers great protection and support. These boots are highly comfortable and durable. The product provides greater flexibility in the forefoot and your feet will stay the comfortable whole day. The best thing is they save you from open circuits too. They are water resistant which means your shoes will be safe in wet conditions. The sole used is slip resistant and protect you even on wet surfaces. You can have a stronger grip in slippery areas. If you have long working hours, these boots will prevent you from blisters. Your feet will stay cool and comfortable all the time even if you are standing whole day. Cat earthmovers are the manufacturers of this product who are famous for their reliability and integrity. The boots have a removable insole that will offer extra comfort to your feet. Other remarkable features of this product include 2-speed hook lacing system, 4-D loop etc. These boots also regulate temperature inside the boots. This way your feet can stay cool and sweaty feeling can be avoided. You need to tell the color, width, and size while placing the order and you will get perfectly fit boot for your feet. The standard width you should order is medium.

  • These full grain upper leather boots are very comfortable to wear. You can prevent them from the stinky smell as the temperature inside the boots is cool.
  • The material used in this product is durable and provide protection for a longer period.
  • It is the best product for those having long working hours. The inside temperature of boots is regulated by insole material. Nylon mesh lining is used inside boots that increase its breathability.
  • This product offers greater flexibility in the forefoot.
  • The protection against electric hazards is offered to the person wearing these boots. Whether your work is of construction, carpentry or electrical, you can stay protected with these Caterpillar boots.
  • In spite of so many qualities, it has some defects such as no waterproof ability.
  • These boots are not suitable for heavy construction works as their durability may be affected.
  • The boots demand extra care to keep them in good condition.
  • The cost may not be affordable to all.


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