The best king size mattress with memory foam

Best king size mattress

We select Quatro Sleep King Mattress is best king size mattress in 2018. Our expert team checked lots of mattress to find king  mattress.They select Quatro based on quality, comfort and customer reviews. You can easily pick these king size memory foam mattress. You can also check our top rated mattress reviews & guides to get your targeted product. To help you get a suitable king-size mattress, I have collected my personal experience in buying mattress here. Let’s explore this review article of mine to have a glance of essential elements you should consider when picking up a king size mattress to use at home.

After researching 120 hours with 20 best quality king size mattress, we choose based on quality, protect your spines, avoid allergies, relieve stress and good quality users reviews. We select top king size mattress, and already write reviews, please read comparison with some mattress. After reviewing and reading following article you will also decide that Quatro is really high quality and comfortable king size mattress.

Quatro Sleep King Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress

Zinus Memory Foam

1stQuatro Sleep King MattressMemory Foam & Tri Layer Technology84.1 lbs9.9Check price
2ndTuft & Needle MattressT&N Adaptive, latex and memory foam82 lbs9.8Check price
3rdZinus Memory Foam3″ Memory Foam, 2″ Comfort Foam88 lbs9.7Check price


Quatro Sleep – Best king size memory foam mattress

Best king size memory foam mattressThis king size mattress is designed for busy moms and business people who always have to stretch out themselves for a hard workload all day long. These types of people do not have much time, and all they want in a king size mattress is “comfort,” Born with that mission in mind, Quatro Sleep King Mattress has Tri-layer memory foam technology with 3 memory foam layers including the Plex-Air, Memory Support, and Support Case. This is actually best king size memory foam mattress. The layer that I love most is Plex-Air foam layer increase the airflow, which helps me relieve stress and pressure on your joints. Furthermore, this layer also regulates my body’s temperature while I am sleeping, so I never wake up at night because of getting too hot or cold. My friends often ask me why I still sleep on a mattress in hot summers. They think that mattresses are only be used in winters because they can get too hot in sunny days. This mattress is an exception. I can use it all year long without any discomfort. This king size mattress is suitable for any side, back, and stomach sleepers. It is super flexible and can be used for almost all families or couples. Its cover can be zipped off easily and washed in your home washing machine to maintain the personal hygiene for your whole family.

  • Tri-layer memory foam to extend usage time, maximize comfort and relief stress
  • Suitable for side, back, and stomach sleepers
  • Washable cover that can be zipped off for cleaning
  • Able to maintain moisture in dry weather
  • Firm enough to use for those who are suffered from back pains
  • Premium material that can last for years even when applying for kid’s bedrooms
  • Maybe uncomfortable for those who often turn themselves at night
  • Some back sleepers complained that this mattress is too soft for them
  • Strong annoying odor for first uses
  • Should be a little plusher based on the description


Tuft & Needle King Mattress

Tuft & Needle King MattressI love this king-sized mattress from Tuft & Needle not because of its high quality, but first from its transparent origin. This mattress is made in a factory in the US and shipped right to my door, so I do not have to pay any additional fees for transportation. Many mattresses out there are “made in China,” but they are advertised as premium US mattresses. Besides its origin, this mattress is also a great mix of latex foam and memory foam in the medium price range. If you are looking for a soft, mouldable mattress which lasts long, then this is the right choice for you. This mattress is a little bit firmer than average mattresses (or medium firm), so it can protect your back while sleeping (especially lower end). Many mattresses within the same price range cannot support your lower back as well as this one. They are either too soft, which can hurt your lower back; while the remains are too firm, which can lead to discomfort sleeps. Made from high-quality rayon and polyester, so you can use it for years even when you buy it for your kids or in guest’s bedroom, where mattresses need regular replacement.

  • Transparent origin “made in the U.S.” and ship right to your door
  • Reasonable price and quality for a medium-grade mattress
  • Firm structure, suitable for those who have back pains (especially lower back pains)
  • No frills or whistles like luxury mattresses
  • Made from premium rayon and polyester, which is last long even when being used for kid’s rooms
  • Temperature regulation for a chilly night’s sleep
  • Provide the best support among US’s best king-sized mattresses on the market
  • Minimize motion transfer to ensure an excellent sleep quality for your partner
  • Probably too firm for those who prefer a soft/plush feel
  • There is no trial before buying
  • Not so comfortable for side sleepers (as reported from some verified buyers)
  • Maybe quite annoying to fat people since it compresses at the edge of the mattress


Zinus Memory Foam king size

Zinus Memory FoamThis king-sized mattress is a perfect choice for any couples who are both love medium firm feel while sleeping (from 6 to 10). With a little to none motion transfer, you do not have to worry that your partner will be affected or wake up at night because of you. Before using this Zinus mattress, my wife often complains that she cannot sleep well at night because I turn too much. Thus this mattress is a life saver to both of us. Now I can keep my sleeping style without being complained, and my wife can sleep well without being waked up. Unlike many unbranded mattresses out there, this Zinus one has received CertiPUR certification not only for its extended usage but also for its excellent performance and comfort. Another great point that made me purchase this mattress is Zinus’s serious care on its customer’s health. The green tea exacts, and castor oil in this mattress also helps remove annoying odors, as well as prevents the growth of bacteria and viruses. Now I can sleep well on my bed knowing that I am being protected from various diseases. Many cheap mattresses are made from low-quality materials which are easy to get molds and viruses, and you can suffer from many diseases right on your bed if you do not clean your bedding regularly.

  • Medium firm feel (from 6 to 10)
  • CertiPUR-US Certified for extended usage, performance, and comfort
  • Conforming Green Tea Memory Foam, suitable for all weights
  • Memory Foam, Comfort Foam, Airflow High-density Foam, Airflow High-density Base Support Foam, Fabric-Knitted jacquard, Comfort level-Firm
  • Green Tea and Castor Natural oil infuse to remove annoying odors and bacteria
  • Little motion transfer, don’t affect your partner
  • Too warm and can be hard to use in summer or hot weather
  • Not soft enough for those who love the sink of mattresses
  • Motion transfer is too hard
  • Customer support is quite slow and not useful


Modway Aveline Memory Foam

Modway Aveline Memory FoamIf you are serious about health and looking for a mattress brand that genuinely cares about its customer’s health, then this Aveline king-sized mattress is a perfect choice for you and your family. Its safety is proven with the CertiPUR-US certification from various accredited independent laboratories all around the U.S. This certification states that this mattress does not contain any toxic chemicals including formaldehyde, ozone depleters, mercury and other heavy metals, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP flame retardants. Besides its quality promise, this king-sized mattress has been rated as top #1 comfortable mattress in the U.S. because of the top smart gel-infused layer of memory foam. This clever layer maintains a suitable temperature to help you have cool night’s sleep. Thus you can use this mattress in both summer and winter without getting too hot at midnight. Moreover, the open cell ventilated memory foam technology helps relieve stress, aches, and pains on your joints than any average ones on the market. I remember one day I went back from the gym and I felt exhausted and painful in my backbones. Then I sleep on this mattress, and I could feel that my bones were relaxed.

  • Universal comfort, not too hard or too soft, suitable for all kinds of sleepers
  • Open cell ventilated memory foam solution to relief aches and pains when comparing with traditional mattresses
  • Maintain a refreshing night’s sleep with the top gel-infused layer of memory foam
  • CertiPUR-US certification for its high material safety to protect the health of its customers
  • Low motion transfer to ensure that you can’t affect your partner
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy to pack in small corners in summer with a vacuum
  • Packed with a removable cover
  • Take too long to fully expand the mattress (from 2 to 4 hours for unboxing)
  • Maybe a little bit uncomfortable for big people
  • The firmness changes over time
  • Not ideal to use for railed or framed beds
  • The top gel layer is a little bit hard at first


Classic Brands Cool Gel king

Classic Brands Cool Gel kingWhat makes me love this king-sized mattress is not its memory foam, but because of its cover. I am always too serious on cover material. I have been seeking for a mattress that matches my requirements for a perfect cover for years. But no cover is ideal than this one from Classic Brands. With a combination of Rayon (36%), Spandex (10%), and Polyester (54%), this cover helps improve the airflow and create a soft and comfy feel. Besides, it allows a wide degree of elasticity and avoids stretching for years. This mattress is suitable for those who want a memory foam style to support their lower back. With 3 memory foam layers and the total height of 10,5 inches, I am sure that you can sleep well on this mattress without feeling hurtful on your back. A small drawback of this mattress is that it may be too hard for people who prefer a “marshmallow” feel while sleeping. Personally, I think that this is not a bad choice for a small family seeking for a great mattress to use.

  • Suitable for those who want a memory foam mattress
  • Acceptable price for a high-quality mattress
  • 3 memory foam layers to maintain its durability, performance, and comfort
  • Packed with a four-way stretch knit cover that helps improve the airflow and elevate the comfort and elasticity
  • No annoying smell at first
  • Maybe too hard for those who prefer a “marshmallow” feel
  • Too hard to turn over
  • The mattress is not cooling at all, which can cause overheated while sleeping on it in summer
  • Poor packaging which can cause tearing (as reported by some verified buyers)

A mattress affects your sleep quality and your mental health. According to a report by National Sleep Foundation in 2011, 92 percent people claimed that a comfy mattress is vital to a good night’s sleep. Besides your sleep quality, a mattress can also bring good or bad effects on your health depending on how you choose it. A great one can help you relieve stress, protect your spines, avoid allergies, save money for other purposes. On the other hand, choosing a wrong one can lead to back pains, interrupted periods of sleep, and some long-term consequences like allergies, brain disorder, etc. Therefore, you should invest in a high-quality mattress as soon as possible and consider this amount of money as for your life quality. A king-size mattress is proven to be the best choice for those who are serious in their health. But choosing the right king-sized mattress is not easy since you have to have solid knowledge on its materials, how its form affects your spine, etc.

In a nutshell, I hope that my above personal reviews can help you in picking up your favorite mattress to use at home. Please notice that these are only my experience so maybe it isn’t accurate for everyone. To get the exact feeling before purchasing a mattress, you should go directly to the store, try on several types of mattress to make the right decision. Don’t forget to note down some models you want to try to save your time and effort.


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