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Best Beach Chair If you are looking for purchasing a best beach chair then you just need to follow some beach chair reviews and guides than go to market and pick best one. Well, I have reviewed a number of it and came to the point that Helinox Beach Chair is the best one. It affordable, handy and strong with a greater finish that you can use it for a long time without any complaints. Most of the people fond of this beach chair and recommended this to buy. But if you want some more review about best beach chair then this article might come to your help as here is the review of top rated beach chairs.

Beach chairs mean chairs for enjoying the beach. To enjoy the soothing sunrise and sunset or just to take pleasure of the beauty of the sea, you need a good place to sit and have the all of it. It is a must whoever goes to the beach. If you are a sea lover, want to be by the sea as much as you can, then you need a beach chair so that you can carry it easily and get pleasure at the fullest of it. A beach chair is so essential and comfortable to sit and handy to carry that you can take it with you whenever you need. It does not occupy a lot of space and can be very much helpful for you when you are out for a holiday or picnic. Because it lets you sit anywhere you want to without making any hassle.


Tommy Bahama


Top Rated Beach Chair 2018

1stHelinox Beach ChairDAC aluminum poles, comfortable
3.8 lbs9.9Check price
2ndTommy Bahama Beach ChairLightweight, aluminum frame 7.8 lbs9.8Check price
3rdFrankford Beach ChairOak wood, Steel Fittings,27.5 lbs.9.8Check price

Beach chairs are very useful and everyone should have a chair whoever loves to travel or wants to enjoy the ocean or loves fishing. So, it is essential to know each and everything before having it. Getting hundred percent knowledge is important and it cannot be considered. Therefore, we tried to help you to know about top-ranked beach chair to make you easy of which one you find is best for you.

Helinox Beach Chair Reviews

 Helinox Beach ChairAt top of the review list, I had to put Helinox Beach Chair because of their impressive quality and high product review. The chair is compact and lights only 1.3 kg and 50 cm long that gives half of your packing space back. You can store it into the boot of your car, caravan or motor home. It is a flexible camp chair that sticks in the sand and keeps the backside out from the dirt and lets you enjoy every bit of nature. It is comfortable with the supportive back and neck to rest along with the simple shock cord poles that make the chair extraordinary for any occasion. It is 6 inches in height and 10 inches wide. It has a breathable mesh at the back and side of the chair. The storage sack of the chair can easily be converted into the pillow. An optional Ground Sheet accessory will prevent the feet sinking in sand or soft ground.


  • Lighter in weight and easy to fold
  • Easy to use on sand
  • Set up is quick and easy
  • Single shock-corded pole structure
  • Storage sack converts as pillow


  • Little bit expensive


Tommy Bahama Beach Chair Reviews

Tommy Bahama Beach Chair ReviewsSecond on the review list appears Tommy Bahama Beach Chair. It complies with the features that are needed for a beach chair. It is super lightweight and can lay flat in five positions. It is easier to carry a backpack as it has many pockets and cold storage. It can surely be a dream of a traveler. It has two large compartments and one of the compartments is insulated cooler pouch. The designer has made the chair more peaceful and relaxing with a built-in adjustable pillow lets you feel the beach more comfortably. It also has armrest contour molds with a hanging cup holder with a Smartphone compartment. The chair has designed with lightweight rustproof aluminum frame decorated with beautiful Tommy Bahama matching the color polyester fabric. It also has rubber carry handle and folding towel bar.


  • Framed with lightweight rustproof aluminum
  • Can be adjusted up to 5 reclining positions including lay flat
  • Comes with rubber carry handle and padded shoulder straps
  • Built-in insulated storage pouch, cell phone holder, cup holder and folding towel bar
  • Made of colorful 600D polyester fabric


  • The front bar is uncomfortable
  • Back of the chair is little short for a comfortable sitting experience
  • After few usage, it may start ripping off


Frankford Beach Chair Reviews

Frankford Beach Chair ReviewsFrankford Beach Chair appears in the third rank for becoming the best beach chair. It has made of oak wood with termed white border that makes it eligible for heavy duty. It was constructed with concession grade that has built to withstand adverse weather. This chair also has handcrafted strength in mind. It has structural design has a double dowel assembly convenient folds that enable easy handling and storage. The Canadian Oak Wood has marine Spar Varnish that ensures the longevity of the chair than most of the chairs found at the market. The fabric has Marine Awning grade that prohibits the fabric from becoming fade. The water resistant quality of the fabric keeps it wet and stain resistant. It is sold with two options with or without footrest and reclines in four positions but cannot recline flat. It has made of commercial quality and great for resorts, swim clubs and hotels.


  • Adjustable beach chair
  • Canadian Oak Wood material reclines in 4 positions
  • Double-dowel convenient assembly folds
  • Marine grade fabric fade, water, and stain resistant
  • Comes with three years warranty on fabric and one year warranty for wood and other parts


  • Very heavy in weight
  • Not much smoother

Lawn Beach Chair Reviews

Lawn Beach Chair ReviewsAt the fourth rank is Lawn Beach Chair. It is a lightweight chair made in the USA. It has a classic design reminds of the childhood. The material frame has been made with folding rust free and lightweight aluminum and durable ultraviolet light resistant webbing materials. The straps are so close that makes it stronger. It can be folded easily and convenient. It is very comfortable to sit in sturdy. The round legs never sink into the grass or sand that is absolutely perfect for the beach, BBQ party, picnic or just spending some time on the lawn.



  • Very lightweight
  • The frame is made of rust-free lightweight aluminum
  • The webbing is designed with durable UV resistant webbing
  • It can be folded flat and saves storage space


  • A bit pricey
  • Might feel smaller for some people
  • The bottom is hard


Caravan Sports Beach Chair Reviews

Caravan Sports Beach Chair ReviewsAt the fifth rank, I would like to put Caravan Sports Beach Chair. It was constructed with a new and improved locking system that permits the user to lock the chain in any position. The adjustable feature provides additional comfort to use as lumbar support and provides headrest space. The zero gravity chairs offer the ultimate portable comfort. The chair can elevate the legs reducing pressure at the back and the position simulates the gravity-free environment astronauts experience in space. It has a reclining function that can be locked into any position and lets you relax. It comes with included headrest works as additional comfort to use as a lumbar support by simply sliding up the padded pillow up and down frame back to find the best positions. It has dual fingertip locking system enables the locking the chair at any position. The chair has made up of durable, long-lasting, textaline and outdoor grade fabric by double bungee system. It has settled the higher standard of strength with the durable powder coated steel frame. It is perfect for backyard, beach or supporting events as it is so portable, convenient and comfortable as the chair folds neatly and easy that it can easily be transported to the beach, barbecue or a game.


  • Comfortable and easy to carry anywhere
  • Smother recline with Dual fingertip locking function locks at any position lets you relax
  • Adjustable headrest that keeps support to the lumbar
  • Made with durable longer lasting outdoor grade fabric suspended by double bungee system
  • Folds down to five and a half inches of thickness


  • Questionable durability
  • Low-quality product
  • Not lasts for a longer period of time
  • After few usage, the chairs go down to the ground


Final word

From the discussion about the best beach chair, I came to the verdict for Helinox Beach Chair. If you verify each and every point of a beach chair, I think other could not beat this. It is comfortable, sturdy and durable enough that you can use it for a long time at any place whenever you want. You can keep it in your car will never occupy a lot of space rather will let you rest when you will need it and gives you a complete chance to relax and enjoy every bit of nature. Though after a lot of reviews I came to this point but still I would like to suggest you pay a visit to the nearest store before making a purchasing one as it might not make you feel up to your mark as your requirement or may appear smaller than your size. But overall my experience is good with the beach chair so hope you will find my review helpful and will go to the best beach chair.

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